Mr. Brainwash - Balloon Girl - Unique Original Work

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Artist: Mr. Brainwash Width: 90cm
Support: Canvas Height: 126cm
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Mr. Brainwash Art for Sale, Balloon Girl, Unique and Original Artwork with Prices and Quotations at Deodato Art Gallery

Mr. Brainwash - Balloon Girl: Unique Original Artwork on Canvas

Mr. Brainwash, the famous and worldwide renowned Street Artist, creates "Balloon Girl" on canvas. The painting is inspired by the work of Banksy "Balloon Girl" and is revisited in the style of Mr. Brainwash to create this beautiful unique work.

The colour-saturated background is one of the hallmarks of Mr. Brainwash's art.

Paint sketches and stencils imprinted between layers of colour differ from canvas to canvas, making each canvas by the artist a unique work of art.

The subject of the work is the little girl in the dress who became famous in Banksy's "Balloon Girl" artwork. The little girl regretfully looks at her red balloon flying away, conveying a feeling of sadness, that we can fully perceive even though her face is not painted in detail.

Both Banksy's "Balloon Girl" and Mr. Brainwash's "Balloon Girl" have the same meaning: childhood gloomily runs away while time flows undaunted.

The flat perspective of the entire painting, between elements and colors, makes this masterpiece a work of both Street Art and Pop Art. Mr. Brainwash captures the shapes and colors of the stencils on the walls of the cities and throws them into his canvas  to give an effect of explosion of colors.

Because of the combination of colours and stencils that varies in each work, "Balloon Girl" is a unique work.

Mr. Brainwash: “Balloon Girl” Prices and Values

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