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The Souls II

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Artist: Damien Hirst Width: 51 cm
Support: Paper Height: 72 cm
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Damien Hirst - The Souls II

The work by Damien Hirst, The Souls II was created in 2010 as a limited edition of 15 hand-signed and numbered.

The Souls II is part of The Souls series consisting of eighty works by the artist, each featuring a butterfly placed in the center of an unadorned background. All eighty butterflies in the series are uniquely colored, emphasizing the iconic biodiversity of butterflies. The Souls II features colors such as silver gloss, chocolate and topaz.

Although the subject of the work is a butterfly, the title of the work (souls) invokes a darker and deeper association having to do with death. Damien Hirst has thus made one of the most profound explorations of the butterfly motif in this very series.

The work The Souls II was made using the metal foil block printing technique so that it was possible to achieve a shimmering effect that mimics the way the animal's wings reflect lights. This printing technique is a three-step process: the basic print is in color to which two shiny layers are added to highlight the details of the wings and chests.

Butterflies as Symbol

Damien Hirst usually uses butterflies within his works, this is because the animal has always fascinated the artist. Hirst has used the butterfly as a reflection of life throughout his artistic production, emphasizing how the animal remains immaculate once dead. This thus challenges the way we view life and death as well as playing with the concept of uniqueness; in fact, in nature no two butterflies have the same design just as no two people are exactly alike.

The tension between life and death that Hist wants to create within his work is visible in the saturated yet bright hues used to depict the work.

The Souls series is representative of the way Hirst brings the themes of morality, life, love, faith, and aesthetics into dialogue to create spectacular and aphoristic images.

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