The Miaz Brothers in Pietrasanta | 7/05 - 19/05

The Deodato Arte Gallery and the Wunderkammnern Gallery are pleased to present the exhibition "The Miaz Brothers in Pietrasanta", which will take place at the Deodato Arte gallery in Via Garibaldi 22, Pietrasanta, from 7 May to 19 May 2022. The inauguration will be held on Saturday 7 May at 6 p.m. in Via Garibaldi 22, Pietrasanta.

Entrance is free and wearing a face mask is mandatory. To take part in the inauguration it is necessary to register for free:

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The Miaz Brothers - Roberto (1965) and Renato (1968) - were born in Monza, near Milan. After studying at the European Institute of Design, they travelled all over the world and currently live and work in London and Valencia.

The Miaz Brothers’ art is the result of a long process of research, they have experimented with different techniques before turning to painting and renewing the approach to portraits. Using acrylics and airbrush, they create works with blurred contours that are impossible to focus on. On show is a special selection of unique pieces on canvas, some inspired by the works of the Great Masters of European art history.

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