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Fertility Suite - Fertility #5

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Artist: Keith Haring Width: 12,1 cm
Support: Paper Height: 13,7 cm
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Keith Haring – Fertility #5 – invitation card - 1983

The work of one of the early Pop Art promoters Keith Haring, Fertility #5 was made in 1983 and is hand-signed by the artist. The card shows an image of a large menacing figure in bright orange with yellow spots all over the body and five moving pregnant figures. Haring shows the central figure floating over the landscape with a zig-zag torso and a hole in the shape of his stomach that symbolizes the threatening presence of HIV.

The work is an invitation card: These are the postcards that the artist sent to friends and acquaintances as an invitation to his exhibitions, signing them in the original.

The card takes up the same subject of one of the five serigraphs of the "Fertility Suite" portfolio of 1983, in which Haring deals with issues uncomfortable for the time such as racism, homophobia and the spread of HIV.

The invitation card Fertility #5 measures 12x13,5 cm and is hand-signed by the artist

Keith Haring: Fertility Suite

The series by Keith Haring Fertility Suite is an example of how the artist has created an art that has been able to face the most taboo socio-political challenges of his time: thanks to the distinct visual language and colorful subjects that praise fertility, this series out of the ordinary wants to send messages of solidarity against the injustices of racism, homophobia and the problem of HIV infection among the Sub-Saharan African pregnant women during the 80s'.

The five screen printings narrate a pragmatic image, rich in meaning that translates into the celebration of fertility and life while highlighting the horrors faced by women. The recurring symbolic use of pregnant dancing figures makes this series one of the artist’s most powerful tributes to femininity.

Haring decides to give political and social issues, often uncomfortable and very strong, the role of undisputed protagonists of his works of art. As we see in the series Fertility the themes are conveyed by the artist using stylized and essential figures that visually have a great impact on the viewer.

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