Flowers 2 after Jan Brueghel elder with Aspirina, Barilla, Baci, Calippo, Cola, Louis Vuitton, Motta, Tm, Visa and Maddonna

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Artist: Tomoko Nagao Width: 70
Support: Paper Height: 100
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The flowers are one of the most important themes of the ideal of ephemeral beauty of the aesthetics of the Japanese culture for a long time, already introduced in an ultra-pop key by Takashi Murakami. But the paintings with floral subject began in the Netherlands at the end of the XVI Century, thanks to a group of painters among which Jan Brueghel "the Old one", followed by his child Jan the Young one, that as his father he had success especially in this pictorial field. So in the compositions of Tomoko the whole historical root of this pictorial field is updated, brought to a rereading of the theme of VANITAS, that one of the "fashion blogger" or of the "fashion victim" but also of the same vanity of the brands that try to make the consumer "addicted" and a vehicle for the promotion of the same brand and it is for this reason that in this beautiful screen print we find a wonderful vase of flowers full of brand symbols of the contemporary society: Aspirina, Barilla, Baci, Calippo, Cola, Louis Vuitton, Motta, Tm, Visa and Maddonna.








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