Welcome to Hell

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Artist: Banksy Width: 35 cm
Support: Paper Height: 50 cm
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Banksy - 'Welcome To Hell' - Pink - Signed - (Placard Rat) - 2004

ScreenPrint by Banksy - 'Welcome To Hell' - Pink by Placard Rat Series - 75 works Signed of Banksy Limited Edition - 2004

Discover more about Artwork of Series Placard Rat by Banksy Welcome To Hell: Analysis and Meaning of this Artwork for Sale.

Banksy - Welcome To Hell for Sale: Original Screen Print

This Artwork by Banksy 'Welcome To Hell' is a color print serigraphy on paper of 2004 and it belongs to the famous Placard Rat series of graphites.

The first edition of Placard Rat is a 2004 trilogy; as of today there are 250 copies, 75 of which are signed and 175 unsigned.

The Banksy's Welcome to hell pink version is signed and red version is unsigned.

For this series Banksy takes inspiration from George Marshall’s book Get Out While You Can: Escape the Rat Race. In fact the book’s title is mentioned in some other of his artworks, again on the sign held by the rat.

Deodato Art Gallery offers an original screen print by Banksy Welcome To Hell - Placard Rat.

The work signed and guaranteed by the Certificate of authenticity issued by Pest Control.

“I’d been painting rats for three years before someone said “That’s clever, it’s an anagram of art” and I had to pretend I’d known that all along”

Banksy - Welcome To Hell: Analysis and Meaning

Banksy presents an indignant-looking rat, holding a placard with the words "Welcome To Hell".

There are other versions of this print, featuring sentences such as “Get Out While You Can" or  "Because I’m Worthless” and variations in different colors.

The rat, who wears a necklace with a symbol of peace, is at war with its own condition and is the spokesperson for this protest.

Therefore, the rat is an explicit analogy of injustice and of those who faces it on a daily basis.

Banksy's choice to use the rat in Street Art is emblematic, suggesting parallels between the rodent and graffiti artists as both engage in an eternal struggle to control the city.

Eventually, the becomes the ambassador of the artist's position on capitalism and consumerism, criticising a society that is eternally in unjust and stupid competition.

Banksy: Street Art and Social Condemnation

We know that Banksy uses Street Art as a tool for his social artistic struggle.

The rat stigmatizes the fight for power and the race for status and materiality, thus creating a paradox: is mankind right to denigrate the race of rats or viceversa, should rats criticize man and his society?

In line with Banksy’s style, the rat reveals the faults of modern society and defames the members of our community.

In his book Wall and Piece, Banksy’s states “If you are dirty, insignificant and unloved, then rats are the ultimate role model”.

So rats become subject, but also a crucial theme in Banksy’s serigraphs, because of their strong impact on population.

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