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Artist: Banksy Width: 70 cm
Support: Paper Height: 47 cm
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Banksy - 'Napalm' - Print Signed by Banksy - 2004

Banksy - 'Napalm' - Print: Original 2004 Limited Edition Signed Artwork of 150 Works by Banksy.

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Banksy - Napalm Original For Sale: Signed Screen Print

This is a Banksy's Napalm Original Signed Print, a color print serigraphy on paper of 2004.

There are different versions of Napalm in various colors: Grey, Orange and Rainbow.

Deodato Art Gallery offers the Banksy Napalm Print Grey version Signed, among an edition of 150 signed and 500 unsigned exemplars.

Napalm by Banksy has the Certificate of authenticity issued by Pest Control.

Banksy - Napalm: Meaning and Analysis

In this screen print Banksy depicts Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald holding hands with a little girl while hopping toward the viewer.

The Banksy napalm girl is Phan Thi Tim Phuc (9 years old), immortalized on June 8, 1972 by Nick Ut in the Pulitzer Prize winning photograph  during the Napalm bombing in Vietnam by United States Aeronautical.

With this provocative collage bearing an even stronger title, NapalmBanksy analyzes two different visions of reality.

The artist uses a disarming juxtaposition, representing two icons of the American consumerist world and a terrorised nine-year old girl in the same image.

The girl screams and runs. She is naked and fleeing from the Napalm bombing.

Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald, each on one side, are holding her hands.

One is smiling, the other is greeting, gently leading her away from (or towards?) tragedy.

The original colors of the figures are skewed the the muted grey tones bring out the very dark sense of the scene.

The image is disturbing: the horror of the war in Vietnam is combined with two emblems of prosperous society based on superficiality and monetization.

Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald are the American icons of economic and capitalistic growth and of mass culture.

The former is the global symbol of happiness and safety, the latter is an effigy of mass culture and American consumerism.

The viewer can't help but wonder, are Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald helping the young girl escaping from a disaster or are they accompanying her towards the end?

Napalm Girl - Banksy Commentary of War

Napalm girl by Banksy is a commentary of the injustice of the Vietnam War, of the ruthless treatment of the Vietnamese people by American troops.

No slogans needed: we are dealing with an image that is powerful and unsettling. In this screen print Banksy's usual irony and mockery suddenly becomes disruption.

Two different points of view are presented in this work.

One the one hand, the Western, apparently joyful, world and culture as we know it, represented by Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald.

On the other hand, there is the girl’s world of war and destruction caused by Capitalism and Western Nations.

Napalm becomes the lens through which the viewer sees a world oppressed by great governmental powers, by their expansion and despotism.

A copy of Napalm was purchased by Damien Hirst as a sign of respect and support for Banksy’s creativity and genius.

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