The end of the World - Red

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Artist: Mr. Savethewall Width: 100 cm
Support: Mixed Height: 150 cm
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"The end of the world.

Like all my works, also this one is strongly autobiographical and comes from a deep mix of emotions. Sensations that I summarize with the usual desire to deal deep themes with great lightness.

It is the end of the world, that I see and hits me in a continuous parallel, an endless game of references about my own end. The end it's going to be heartbreaking; the world will dilate before exploding and will assume the form of an egg that, however, it is the symbol of life and of everything that has existed before and will give life to something else.

This happened in my previous work, it ended and gave life to this one, more free and satisfying. In the end there is a new beginning.

The quotation of Lucio Fontana is clear and it is thanks to him, that I was able to reflect on so important concepts for me. I hope that after the end of God, the end of the World can also bring to some reflections. "No geometric figure has the formula of an egg. For the circle and the sphere exists Pi, but there is no formula for the perfect figure of the life" (Erri De Luca)

Mr. Savethewall

With these beautiful words the artist describes his new collection. Inspired by the works of Lucio Fontana "The End of God", these artworks represents his personal point of view about the end of the world.

The globe, in this case in a beautiful red and black version, is distorted and consumed, and it is contained in an egg form, symbol of birth par excellence. In this way, the artist tries to represent the contemporary world, in continuous oscillation between creation and destruction.








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