Spiderman Reload

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Artist: Cardena Felipe Width: 70
Support: Paper Height: 100
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Spiderman is the perfect symbol of the secret, crazy, eccentric soul, but also generous, altruistic, eager for beauty and justice that hides in the depths of our unconscious, behind the banality of our daily behavior. It is the beauty of the out-of-control gesture, of the happiness of getting out of the box, of getting rid of one's original identity, in a universe no longer governed by the rules, constraints and needs of every day. Spiderman Reload is the incarnation of the daily superhero that exists in each of us, who with his effervescence and freedom builds his ideal universe, where everything is happily mixed and superimposed, without any hierarchy or limits. Flowers, fruits, colors, pop icons, advertising images, cartoons, slogans, decorations: hierarchies are skipped, borders eliminated, the boundary between truth and fiction surpassed, fluidized reality. The Internet, with its infinite possibilities of concealment and creation of multiple identities, at the same time all false and all equally true, provides each of us with the means to rebuild as we please, becoming superheroes in our turn. Today we can finally say: Spiderman? C'est moi " (Felipe Cardeña)

The work is a screenprint, mixed media on paper with glossy and glittered silk-screen in the center of the figure.










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