International Language
ˌɪntr̩ˈnæʃənəl ˈlæŋɡwɪdʒ

Curated by Chiara Canali


From October 10 to November 10, 2019

Opening night: Thursday October 10 - 6:30 pm

Via Nerino 2, Milano


New Exhibition of Mr. Savethewall at Deodato Arte

Mr Savethewall,one of the most important street artists on the Italian and European scene, comes back at Galleria Deodato Artewith a sensational exhibition.

International Language originates from the reflection about the symbolic importance of English Language.

Second only to music,English is, as a matter of fact, the only language which can be considered as universal, a language with a simple grammar and few rules, but yet does not lack on conceptual complexity.

In the same way theart of Mr.Savethewall is just apparently easy to comprehend, but profound in meaning.

Image of the Street Artist Mr Savethewall

International Language: speaks Mr Savethewall

“With this project, International Language, I want to investigate the language, starting from the linguistic, but not just through the lenses of semiotic and semantic, but also relying on my personal sensibility, trying indeed to semplify subjects so complex but so fascinating at the same time. I would like to make them pop since I believe they are fundamental, if not stategic, for the present and, most of all, for our future.

I need to contaminate my natural sensibility for communication with the fascination for conceptual artists, yet being greateful to my Urban Master.

After all, many now have learnt the "code" that I am researching from its roots. This is how this project originated, still characterised by "profound lightness", where what appears at first sight, it is not what it really is. 

Where you can go deep as much as you can, because this research can hold the pressure.”

Mr Savethewall Duchamp Street Art

International Language: The Significance meets the Signifier

The exhibition is entirely curated byChiara Canali, expert of Street Art, who has been following Mr Savethewall during the constant evolution of his career

“Since ever, Mr Savethewall has been articulating his artistic practice not only through images, but also through the use of words.

His works are often characterized by the match of images and figures with sentences and exclamations, that link the visual register to the social dimension that is innate in his artworks, so to analyze today's customs and traditions and then re-propose them in a way that is ironic and polemic, shocking or desecrating.

In this unreleased project made for Deodato Arte Gallery, Mr Savethewall starts from English works and letters, drying them to their purest essence and matching significance and signifier through the use of a visual representation in black and white.

The permeation among the different facets of linguistic sign -concept, image, grammar structure and phonetic reproduction- is, as explained by Ferdinand De Saussure, an arbitrary act by nature, since the phonetic image varys from one language to the other, but also conventional because it is necessary an ideal consent (convention) of a cummunity of speakers regarding its use.

Language is a system of signs that develops from individuals' groups of words, and which include also the phonetic. For this reason, in his works Mr Savethewall does not depict only the concept (the meaning), but also the acoustic image (signifier), which make his word recognisable and understandable by everyone."

Mr Savethewall Brain Artwork Street Art

The Exhibited Artworks at Deodato Arte

International Language represents an evolution in Mr Savethewall's artistic career, yet it mantains some milestones of his practice, such as the technique, with the use of stencil and spray paint.

Two are the most significant news: all the artworks have a black background with the negative image (in white) and they are all unique pieces on canvas, since the stencil of every work is destroyed by the artist once the work is concluded. 100% Unique Pieces: one canvas, one format. Forever.

In plain post-street art style, a movement theorised by Mr Savethewall himself, the works of International Language are full of contamination and, for this reason, difficult to label. They enclose souls, times, and different stories and, at the same time, manage to be conceptual, educational and pop. Each one of the represented objects is linked to the artist, to his life, to his experiences and memories.

Universality, imperfection and recognition, but most of all emotion, every work of International Language has a different meaning depending on whom is wacthing it. Feelings, thoughts, inspitations are totally subjective. And this is how the image of a majestic white shark, of a palm tree moved by the wind, of a bicycle or a skull, before being transformed in worshiped objects, unique and precious, can actually evoke different feelings connected to lived lives.

Mr Savethewall Heart Artwork Street Art

An Evening with Mr.Savethewall

Come to meet the artist at Deodato Arte Gallery during the exclusive opening night on Thurday, October 10, from 6:30 pm in via Nerino 2, Milano


You cannot miss it!

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