INVADER: here are the artworks of the legendary street artist

Finally, here we are!

By popular demand, we are proud to welcome to our group
one of the greatest street artists in the world:


Who has never seen one of his incredible mosaic installations in cities around the world? 

Inspired by the famous arcade videogame of the '80s "Space Invader",  from which he takes his pseudonym, the artist has made a real revolution in the world of art by reaching  very high prices and becoming a pioneer of street art together with other mainstream pillars, such as Banksy, Mr. Brainwash and Obey.

His collectible works are nowhere to be found, but thanks to our recent partnership with the Wunderkammern gallery, we are finally ready to present them to the world and satisfy all collectors looking forward to it!

Don't miss them!
Very few are left!


The Invader Mania is so unstoppable that the artist has released an official app that allows you to save a collection of all the Invaders that you can capture around the world on your phone. 

Flash Invader, which now has over 150,000 users, recognizes whether a work is original or counterfeit and assigns you a score for each achievement. 
An irresistible treasure hunt!
Available on IOS and Google Play