Historicized Artists: Deodato Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery Milan

Deodato Arte Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery: a Corner for Historicized Artists

From November 21st 2019, Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery Deodato Art Galleries will open, in its location in via Cuneo 5 a Milano, a corner dedicated to the historicized artists represented by the Galleria.

As a matter of fact, Deodato Arte Gallery main purpose is to mostly promote contemporary artists, so it cannot be really defined as a Gallery of Modern Art. Milano though has had a central role in the development of Italian modern art of the XXth century, and it is therefore an ideal place to host this venture.

Deodato Arte has therefore decided to delve into the passion for the artists of the XXth century, since they have been source of inspiration for all contemporary painters and sculptors.

This exclusive project about historicized artists presents artworks that are not on the catalogue of Deodato Arte Gallery and that are not usually exhibited in the locations of Milano, Como e Lugano.

In order to provide a good presentation and visibility for the numerous artworks of the historicized artists, the corner will be permanent but with a different set-up every month.

This will give the opportunity to monthly enjoy different paintings and to indulge yourself with the discovery of a new approach to an artist, work, thought.

Exhibition of the Month: Alberto Burri and Salvatore Emblema
at Deodato Arte Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery

For this first month, Deodato Arte Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery will present, in the location of via Cuneo 5, four artworks by Alberto Burri and three by Salvatore Emblema.

These two Italian artists left a mark in postmodern and contemporary art history and, therefore, deserve to be valued.

In the next two paragraphs you can find the biographies and some curiosities about the two artists, so to better appreciate the artworks showcased this month when you will come to visit us in our gallery via Cuneo 5.

Salvatore Emblema: Artworks and Quotations

Born in Terzigno, province of Naples, in 1929, Salvatore Emblema is one of the most appreciated and requested historicized artists.

For this reason, artworks and quotations of Emblema Salvatore can have a big resonance when it comes to the decision about an investment, be it a gift for a parent or for your own pleasure.

After the art-high-scool deploma, he began the sudies at the Fine Art Acedamy of Naples.

Since a very a young age, Salvatore Emblema let himself to be inspired by nature: investigating its essence, he has portayed it using natural elements to realise the colours of the sky and tricks of lights.

Salvatore Emblema - Artist on display at Deodato Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Milan - via Cuneo 5
Image of the artist from Naples, Salvatore Emblema

When he moved to Rome,Salvatore Emblema poetic and ideas got strongly influenced, but the real turning-point of his way of painting can be set after the meeting with the American businessman John Davison Rockfeller.

Struck by one of his artworks, Rockfeller invited him to New York, where Salvatore Emblema met Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

Following the steps of these two great masters and attending their classes, Emblema perfected his technique and created his very own personal taste.

Emblema Salvatore fame grew very fast and his artworks had an immense success, so much to be exhibited at the Venice Biennale, at the Metropolitan di New York ant the Museum Boymans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

Back in Italy, he refused to hold the painting class at the Fine Art Academy in Rome to go back to Terzigno, where the closeness to nature started to inspire Emblema painting again.

Salvatore Emblema died in 2006, but his ideas has inspired and still inspire many artists.

Salvatore Emblema quotations and prices of the artworks are available contacting Deodato Arte Gallery via e-mail or by visiting us in our gallery in via Cuneo 5.

At the gallery, you will be welcomed by a member of the team who will be available to tell you prices and quotations or just explain these amazing artworks.

Alberto Burri - Artworks: Combustions and Rips

Alberto Burri, born in Umbria in Città di Castello, province of Perugia in 1915, owes his fame to the works made through combustions and rips.

Obtained the degree in medicine in 1940, he enlisted as medical official for an expedition in Africa.

in 1943, after being captured and held prisoner, Burri Alberto begins his artistic career, grown from the necessity of expressing his ideas through painting.

Once back in Italy, he decided to move to Rome, abandoning the medical career to dedicate himself only to art.

This choince has been winning for the artist Alberto Burri, who soon became, alongside Lucio Fontana, the most important Italian artist of the XXth century.

Given the contribution of Alberto Burri to the art of the second post-war, the artist is nowadays considered the greates exponent of the Informal movement in Italy.

The artistic experimentation of this artist moved from painting to sculpture, trying each time to release the intrinsic expressive characteristics of the materials.

Alberto Burri at Deodato Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery
Image of the Artist Alberto Burri
Albero Burri's burnt engravings on display at Deodato Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in Milan
Combuistion Etching by Alberto Burri

With his artworks Alberto Burri wanted to tear apart the academic abstractionism so typical of the art of that period and also to leave aside the traditional figurative language.

In fact, his style is different because innovative: rips and combustions, apparently instinctively made, are actually the result of a precise research.

Fire was the discovery that changed Burri poetic: this element has inverted the role of art about life.

Art is no longer the dissimulation of a supposed life, but the true representation of what life really is.

The innovation of Alberto Burri artworks catched the eyes and the soul of the public, and made his art recognizable around the world.

During his career , Alberto Burri artworks have been exhibited in many shows and cities.

The most important italian cities have been the springboard to exhibit abroad, getting to Paris, New York and los Angeles.

Investing in Historicized Artists: Find out How at
Deodato Arte Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery

For this venture about historicized artists promoted by Deodato Arte Gallery will be set a permanent corner in the location of via Cuneo 5 dedicated to painters and sculptors whose artistic research has left a lasting mark in the art scene.

During these expositions, which will vary periodically with different artworks and artists, will be possible to request information about sale, prices and quotations of paintings and sculptures..

Purchasing works of art allow not only to enrich ourselves and our homes, but it determines also one of the most safe and satisfying investments that someone could possibly make.

As a matter of fact, thanks to this project you will be able to discover why investing in historicized artists is a great deal.

You can request all the information about prices and quotations of the presented historicized artists at the gallery Deodato Arte Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery o via e-mail e-mail.

In addition to the sale of the exhibited artworks, will be also possible to ask for information and talk about the artworks that won't be at the gallery.

Deodato Arte Gallery will be happy to make your dreams come true, working as mediator between them and their realisation.