Happy Father's Day!

To the real superheroes of our day:

José Molina - Super David

More than ever, in that particular moment, a lot of fathers are far from their children. 
A lot of people have lost thier fathers, without the possibility to say goodbye.
A lot of fathers are the column of their families and they will be it forever.
A lot of sons would like to hug their dad and many dads would like to hug theur children. 

Today is all about fathers, the real heroes of our time.

Thank you for all your silent battles, fighted to see your sons grow up, and you with them

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in the world!
We love you!

Mr.Brainwash - Marvel Spray Can Hulk

Arnaud - Sumo Toroki Red

Marco Lodola - Batman

Marco Lodola - Superman

Auguri a tutti i papà!