Deodato Arte at GrandArt Milan 2019

Deodato Arte at GRANDART Milan 2019

Modern and Contemporary Fine Art Fair

From October 4th to 6th 2019

at The Mall,

Piazza Lina Bobardi, Milan

Deodato Arte - Stand 36

Opening Night

Thursday, October 3rd: 18.00 - 21.00 (by invitation only)

Opening Hours

Friday, October 4th: 11.00 - 21.00

Saturday, October 5th: 11.00 - 21.00

Sunday, October 6th: 11.00 - 20.00

Deodato Arte will be at Stand 36 at GrandArt Fair Milan 2019

GRANDART, the contemporary art fair cooler than Milan,is back in the beautiful location of The Mall, near to Corso Como.

The fair is focused on modern and contemporary art and since its first edition is very popular in Milan.

Of course we couldn't miss it with a stand for our Milan Art Galleries, E-commerce Art Online - Deodato Arte.

Coming to our STAND 36 you'll be able to admire some of our Contemporary Artworks on view and for sale.

If you are looking for the perfect artworks for you, or you are a Contemporary Art Lover, come and visit us at Stand 36, where we'll be waiting for you with some of the most important artists of Deodato Arte collection.

Mr Brainwash at GrandArt Milan

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It - opera di Mr.Brainwash in vendita ed esposizione allo Stand 36 di Deodato Arte a GRANDARTpresso Deodato Arte GrandArt MilanoMr.Brainwash, art name of Thierry Guetta, is the most requested street artist of the moment, he organizes exhibitions all over the world and unbelivable record at auction houses.

Mr.Brainwash, is loved by every age public, thanks to his artworks dedicated to our contemporary icons..

One of a kind artworks on paper, canvas, wall and silkscreen make every place unique.

Mr.Brainwash since his first solo exhibition in 2008 "Life is Beautiful" in ten years has become one of the most glorious street artist internationally.

His exhibitions are looked for all over the world, is Limited Edition go sold out in few minutes and his unique pieces are challenged by the most important auction houses.

The brainwashing is guaranteed!! Come discover them at Stand 36 of Deodato Arte at GRANDART Milan 2019.

Jeff Koons at GrandArt Milan

Balloon Monkey Orange - opera di Jeff Koons in vendita presso lo Stand 36 di Deodato Arte alla GrandArt MilanoJeff Koons is the artist of record, the most paid one of the world.

His limited edition sculptures, made in porcelain, perfectly reply the monumental unique pieces.

metallic finish is irresistible and ipnotic. Leggendary!!

Exclusively for Italy, only at Deodato Arte you can find the newest collection of Balloon Animals, the Balloon Dog set and the eccentric vase Split Rocker.

Come discover them at Stand 36 of Deodato Arte.

Romero Britto at GrandArt Milan

Cheek to Cheek - opera di Romero Britto in vendita allo Stand 36 di Deodato Arte alla GRANDART MilanoGlitter, Bold lines and geometric compositions make the irresistible mix of Romero Britto, brasilian artist.

His artist studio Britto in Miami, where he's considered the Pop King, is visited by tourists from all over the world.

His artworks have been exposed in the most important museums.

Even Queen Elizabeth commissioned hime a portrait and he's always on a charity project.

His motto is "Art is for everyone", a message that he spreads through his artworks that warm up every location.

One of his most iconic artwork is the flying heart, because he knows that weightless doesn't mean superficiality.

Don't miss the chance to see in person Romero Britto's Artworks and come visit us at Stand 36.

Andy Warhol at GrandArt Milan

Marilyn Monroe - Opera di Andy Warhol in Esposizione e Vendita allo Stand 36 di Deodato Arte alla GRANDART Milano 2019Padre fondatore e icona internazionale della Pop Art, Andy Warhol is one of the well-known artists in the world. Through his artworks he made life to obsessions, desires, dreams and fails of the Post War America.

The protagonists of his artworks are the glorified myths of the mass culture.

Consumerism's products, Hollywood stars, crime report and statists are replicated, simplified in their shapes and colored with flat and showy nuances.

Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe's portrait is still today an icon and a model for the contemporary art that wants to be popular.

Damien Hirst at GrandArt Milan

For The Love of God - opera di Damien Hirst in vendita presso GrandArt Milano nello Stand 36 di Deodato ArteYou don't need to know his name, because the iconographic revolution that he has made with his artworks has already changed the contemporary art world.

It's impossible to ever heard about his Shark or about his Diamond Skull.

Irreverent, scandalous, and often contested, Damien Hirst has changed the rules of the game.

Leader of the Young British Artists and winner of a Turner Prize, Hirst has seen, during his career, auction records and millionaire quotations.

Through his artworks he looks into the human nature, the death's fear and the contraddictions of the contemporary society.

A thin analysis, complex but immediately comprehensible to the viewer.

You can love him or hate him, but his impact on the art world is not discussable: his creations are every collection must have.