Exhibition José Molina - a Hero Never Dies - Deodato Arte Gallery Milan

José Molina
A Hero Never Dies

7-12 November 2019
Via Santa Marta 6
Free Entry

Opening night with the artist: Thursday, November 7 - 6.30 pm

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New Exhibition of José Molina at Deodato Arte

Deodato Arte Gallery in Milano presents the Exhibition with the Heroes by José Molina, artist with a strong pictorial skills applied to the languages of painting and drawing.

The collection A HERO NEVER DIES, inspired by big personalities of the cultural and politic field, pop icons and masterpieces of Western Art, represents an absolute news in Molina's artistic production.

The preview of 'A Hero Never Dies' will be hold on the 7th of November at 6.30 pm at the gallery location in Via Santa Marta 6 in Milano, where it will be on view until November 12.

Artwork of the show by Jose Molina - Venus from the collection a Hero Never Dies
Venus - by José Molina della Collezione
a Hero Never Dies

José Molina: the Visonary from Madrid

Molina's Artworks are always been characterised by a fundamental self-examining reflection and by the exploration of the deepest and most secret aspects of the human soul.

In order to recount these stories and express these conditions, during his career the artist has mostly used the black and white, with a virtuous and strong sign.

Today, José presents for the first time a brand new collection, where he does not use the usual languange based on the dark tones of black and white, but all the joyful and happy shades of colours, without giving up the strongly-figurative visual language .

As the artist himself likes to say, the nostalgia of playing, the challenge to try different languages, a new will of carefreeness have inspired the creation on this new cycle of works.

A Hero Never Dies

A HERO NEVER DIES, in the opinion of the artist, responds also to one of the most important functions of art, that is to keep memory active, of keeping people alive through the image of icons of the past and the present, people whom have influenced or are influencing our lives.

That of Molina wants to be a reinterpretation, sometimes to pay homage, sometimes to criticize in a light but also punctual way.

The idea of reinterpreting the masterpieces of Western Art and characters of our time through a form of game is Molina's way to produce an art that can be accessible to everyone, creating a stronger and closer relationship with his public.

Some examples: The works dedicated to Picasso and to Salvador Dalì, both Spanish, are a tribute to two artists that Josè somehow considers as his masters.

Exhibition José Molina - a Hero never dies-dalì
Dalì and the Alchemy of Dreams - Artwork from the series
a Hero Never Dies by José Molina
Exhibition Josè Molina -. A Heros Never Die - Pablo Picasso
Eternal Picasso - Artworks from the series
a Hero Never Dies by José Molina

The title A HERO NEVER DIES does not mean to project these figures into a dimension that does not belong to us as human beings, but rather to make us feel closer to them, through the representation of a tender look or the use of irony.

If, on one hand, this collection represents a challenge and something new within Molina's artistic production, on the other it winks at the past of the artist, to the design world and the corporate image, which saw him as protagonist in the past when he used to work with several international brands.

Exhibition José Molina - a Hero never dies joker
Joker - Artwork from the Collection
a Hero Never Dies di José Molina
Exhibition José Molina - a Hero never dies-freddie
Freddy Mercury - Artwork from tha Collection
a Hero Never Dies by José Molina

The Artworks on view at Deodato Arte

The Collection A HERO NEVER DIES is composed by originals, unique pieces realised with the technique of oil and acrylic and mixed media on paper, and where exists two different codes, the game and the classicism.

The backgrounds of the works encloses the true tale, they are the stories lived by the character in the front.

This is how Deodato Salafia recounts José Molina:

The artworks of the collection A HERO NEVER DIES have to be observed following two diferent directions.

The first is related to the pop issue and the technique.

We have been accostumed to the fact that pop artworks are charged with meanings but not necessarily reach in technique, and Molina has chosen to enter this world in his labour-intensive way, and this aspect, nowadays, becomes conceptual too.

If we think about it, spending hours of work to tell something for which photoshop would have been enough, seems insane, and it is exactly here that Molina's message is hidden.

The second direction is the historic one: Molina place characters as Wonder Woman, Picasso or Freddy Mercury on the same level. By doing this he chose the core of the popular message, and this is nothing new. But each one of these characters is observing us.

Look at their posture and their looks, together with the details that composed the scene: every character looks at us with inquiring attitude, it asks us on one hand what we think about him/her, if he/she has done right or wrong; while on the other it interrogates us if we are doing right or wrong to human history.

Do not miss the Opening Night with the artist!

Thursday, November 7, 2019- 6.30 pm in Via Santa Marta 6, Milano