Dear Art Lovers,
Following the new measures introduced by the latest DPCM, we are forced to announce the temporary closure of all our physical locations.

Yes, it's sad...but don't worry.

We were the first in Italy to found an e-commerce of works of art, when the art market still considered us crazy, visionary and blamed us for diminishing the value of art by revealing its prices and beauty to a "normal" and unselected public.

We changed the rules when nobody believed us.
And today, our business model is among the most sought after and emulated in the industry.

All this, has been possible thanks to those who believed in us, so called "normal" people, who have found in us a guide to approach such a wonderful world.

Today, thanks to You, we can keep our e-commerce fully functional, H24, with insured shipments all over the world.

It is especially in difficult times like this, that art has the task to keep our soul and our dreams alive.

We will be with you, always.
We will keep you company with our BLOG, our Social Media and our Newsletters.
By email and telephone, we will always be available.
And our e-commerce will always be updated and working.

We will always be with you, because you have always been there for us.
Thank you
Deodato Arte Crew