After we published it on our social media you asked more information about
READY MADE by Christo-Galimberti
and we are glad to show you the last unique pieces available in the gallery

- each artwork is composed by a postcard hand-signed by Christo and a polaroid hand-signed by Maurizio Galimberti
- each artwork is certified by Archivio Nordest
- each artwork is framed with museum glass and artisanal frame 
- each artwork is published on the official catalogues (for free with every purchase)

but there is more..
for each artwork purchased we will give you for free a limited edition by Mimmo Rotella, Tomoko Nagao and and many more!

Yes, this is for real
If you buy a unique piece by Christo-Galimberti, you will have for free another artwork

How can you make it??
Look at the artworks available now in the gallery and choose your favorite



- All the artworks are ready to be delivered

- The Christo-Galiberti's come with the catalogue and the frame
- Each client is important for us and we will follow the requests' order
- You can have a limited edition for free only if you buy an original piece by Christo-Galimberti

To get your artworks write us at [email protected] or call the 02.80886294

Limited artworks available!