Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas - Find out 6 Modern Sculptures

Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas - Find out 6 Modern Sculptures as Christmas Gifts for your Friends, Family and for your Home.

The most beautiful and awaited period of the year, with Christmas 2019 at our doorsteps streets and houses start to be decorated: lights take over buildings' cornices, balconies' railings; Christmas trees start to appear, filled with gifts and colourful packages at their feet.

In this embracing and warm atmosphere, there it comes the usual and classic thought, like a sparkle: what to gift to mum, dad, friend, boyfriend/girlfriend for Christmas?

We float over the myriad of thoughts about the right gift ideas to buy, while breathing and immerging ourselves in the carefreeness of Christmas, of its aromas of hot chocolate and marzipan.

Often, the search of these grifts becomes a last-minute-run, since not always we manage to find something that precious and good enough for our loved ones.

Why not art? Or better, why not considering to give a friend or a parent a nice-wrapped gift containing a modern sculpture?

To be honest, art –and more precisely sculpture – is rarely taken into consideration, probably because it seems apparently useless.

On the contrary, a sculpture, of any dimension or shape, is one of the most beautiful gifts that can be thought of.

Art is a continuous and safe presence from the exact moment we get in touch with it. It confers elegance to everything that surrounds it, it provides a spark for reflection at any glance, it is the echo of an artist that resonates in time and space, endlessly.

Among the gift ideas for Christmas 2019 we suggest you modern sculpture, a clear message of an intention which could also turn out to be one of the most sensible and personal gifts, both to give and receive.

Our Gallery Deodato Arte gives you some hints for your Christmas gifts; we will show you how the sculptures we have could turn into the perfect gift for those people to whom you decide to dedicate not just an artwork, a piece of history, a value, but also a part of you.

We therefore invite you to find the right inspiration for the perfect Christmas 2019 gift ideas among our modern sculptures, the best christmas gifts which could possibly be received!

Jeff Koons: Neo Pop Modern Sculptures Perfect as Christmas Gift Ideas

“One of the things I'm more proud of is to be able to do a kind of work that does not leave the spectators intimidated by art, but that allows them to feel emotionally part of it through their senses and intellect, and therefore to be fully involved.”

Jeffrey Koons, known as Jeff Koons, is a great American artist internationally famous for his Neo Pop artworks: sculptures shaped as balloons that blend art and life.

His modern sculptures have a unique style: the artist takes inspiration from American society and from its way of life based on consumerism, although creating an art that is able to evoke feelings of joy and love.

Jeff Koons' sculptures praise celebrations, or better, life; therefore, their very symbolic nature makes them more than perfect Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019.

#1 Christmas 2019 Gift Idea - Balloon Rabbit by Koons

Amongt the modern sculptures we would like to recommend you as Christmas Gift Ideas are the famous Balloon Rabbits by Koons.

The Celebrations Sculptures series, inspired by and dedicated to the symbols of carefreeness and childhood happiness, reproduces four animals made in porcelain covered by a reflecting surface, so to mirror the image in front of it and actively partecipate to Jeff Koons' art.

The Celebrations collection includes four animals (Rabbit, Dog, Monkey e Swan) and reproduces them in colorful-balloon shapes in different sizes, from 21 centimiters up to 4 meters.

Specifically, here we talk about the Balloon Rabbit, the balloon with the long-colourful ears, as it comes from a memory of his childhood, when, for Easter Holidays, he used to decorate his house with little inflatable rabbits.

That memory, which still brings him joy and happiness, has been with him for his whole life; during the years and his artistic career, Koons has reproduced the little rabbit in the famous Bolloon Rabbit, which continues to convey this particular sense of happiness.

For the joy of kids, but also for that of adults, this odd and bright Balloon Rabbit has been created also in small dimensions (21 cm x 29 cm) and different colours (Balloon Rabbit Red and Balloon Rabbit Violet), so that it could be brought in our homes to spread that joy it is so charged with.

The bright colours make Balloon Rabbit Red and Balloon Rabbit Violet the ideal object to have in our spaces to give that additional touch of colour and carefreenes, perhaps under the Christmas tree.

Balloon Rabbit Red - Scultura Moderna di Jeff Koons
Balloon Rabbit Red - Scutura Moderna di Jeff Koons

What to Give for Christmas: Modern Sculptures by Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash, nickname of Thierry Guetta, is a French artist based in Los Angeles passionate about Street Art and Pop Art, with an innate tendency to optimism.

The Street Artist Mr. Brainwash is today one of the most famous and valued artists; his innovative vision about the world and the way of making art has been intriguing many young people, critics, celebrities and fans from everywhere.

His works are in typical Street Art style; moreover Mr. Brainwash is famous for his modern sculptures, which have become real icons of his art.

#2 Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas: For Christmas I Wish… Je t’aime by Mr. Brainwash

What to give for Christmas to your boyfrend, girlfriend, husban or wife? If at Christmas we wish to communicate our love with a gift, Modern Sculpture by Mr. Brainwash Je t'aime could be just the gift idea.

Je t’aime sculpture represents the French phrase for "I Love You": the direct message of love and optimism is shaped in a fascinating sculpture made of acrylic on resin, in signed and numbered limited edition.

Je t’aime exists in five original different Splash Edition: Pink, Red, Black, Blue and Multicolor; these different colours and combinations confer to Mr. Brainwash sculpture a dinamism that is overwhelming.

Je t'aime - Red Splash Edition, Mr Brainwash
Je t'aime - Scultura di Mr Brainwash

Romanticism is the keyword: Je t’aime is a very sweet dedication of love.

This charming artwork brings to the surface that innate will of vitality hidden in our soul and could be the perfect Christmas Gift Idea for a very special person.

#3 Christmas 2019 Gift Idea: For Christmas I Wish… Life Is Beautiful by Mr. Brainwash

This modern sculpture realised in acrylic on resin- as the artwork Je t’aime - writes the favourite motto of Mr. BrainwashLife is beautiful”.

Life Is Beautiful was also the name of the first exhibition of the artist held in Los Angeles: this show has been the artist's springboard for the art world, and it is still, in fact, very important for Mr. Brainwash.

This sculpture too is available in different-coloured Splash Edition models: Pink, Blue, Red, Black e Mixed, which can also be purchased as a set; the edition is limited, numbered and signed by the artist.

Life Is Beautiful - Red Splash Edition - Mr Brainwash
Life is Beautiful RED - Scultura di Mr Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash euphoria makes the modern sculpture Life is Beautiful the perfect object to decorate your spaces, reminding you and the friend you will dedicate this work to for Christmas 2019 how beautiful life is.

Romero Britto: Modern Sculptures between Pop and Love as Christmas Gifts

The Brazilian artist Romero Britto, with an eccentric and unique style, realises artworks insired by love, characterised by colours, positive vibes and Pop style.

His bold and creative subjects made him an internationally renowned artist: Romero Britto reinterprets both Cubism and Pop Art, therefore creating a peculiar personal style based on simple colours and forms with a strong visual impact.

His palette of pure and shadeless colours give life to di-dimensional images; but when these artworks become modern sculptures, the suggestion plyed by them is enhanced: incredibly original artworks come to life within the space, the perfect Christmas gifts.

Among Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas appear also the positivity and love of Romero Britto: for the great company given by their presence, a gift charged with that joy and affection which his art is based on.

#4 Christmas 2019 Gift Idea: Modern Sculpture by Britto - Christmas Heart

Romero Britto colourful hearts have now become an icon: the seductive fantasy of the artist has taken form in bright and lively modern sculptures.

Various colours and patterns are outlined by strong black lines, as if they were kids' drawings.

It can be noticed in Party Time and For You: Britto frequently uses the hearts in his works, making Love the undisputed main character.

Celebrating Happiness and Love, he finds in the heart the perfect representation of what he feels.

Party Time and For You are just two examples of sculptures through which Romero Britto pay homage to Happiness and Carefreeness, two qualities that will make your Christmas 2019 Gift Idea unique.

For You I - Sculptured by Britto
For You - Scultura Moderna di Britto

Nazare-Aga: Ideal Modern Sculptures as Christmas Gifts

A cleae reference to the Christmas Period is surely offered by the French artist Nazare-Aga and his bears.

Nazare-Aga starts as decorator and engraver, soon setting his interest on sculpture. What we recognizes as White Polar Bears are represented by the artist with bright and vivid colours.

Nazare-Aga creates a series of modern sculptures dedicated to the animal, inhabitant par excellence of Santa Claus lands: The bright red of the bear's body recalls the Christmas colour, and the joy instilled by vibrant colours makes it the ideal Christmas gift.

#5 Christmas 2019 Gift Idea: Nazare-Aga Sculpture - Polar Bears

Bright colours and soft forms: the modern scultpures B-Pop by Nazare-Aga are cute bears looking for cuddles.

Royal – B-Pop Bear looks like it is waiting for something, in a friendly pose: the artist imagined a young bear playing on a river's bank, joyful and happy.

This lovely bear is realised in various dimensions, made with material which can be located also outdoors, as gardens, porches, terraces.

To gift a bear by Nazare-Aga at Christmas is surely a deeply sentimental thought, and it could be the perfect solution for a Christmas 2019 Gift Idea for children, to put in their bedrooms.

Spash - B.Pop - Scultura con Orso di Nazare-Aga
Splash - B.Pop - Scultura di Nazare Aga

iClim: Scultpure to Gift for Christmas

The passion of Chirtsak Phaijitsattaya , known as iClim, for art and sculpture leads him to the realisation of artworks that are unique in their style, and that could turn in the perfect idea for a Christmas present.

iClim artworks are sculptures made with resin, glass fiber, marble dust and wood, covered with anti-UV varnish; These sculptures are in limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist.

The presence of these modern sculptures within a space plays a fundamental role: given their particular geometry and composition, the result is somewhere between the ironic, the absurd and the fascinating.

That's why they could be a great Christmas Gift for your family or friends.

#6 Christmas 2019 Gift Idea: Modern Sculptures - an Ice-Cream for Christmas!!!

A very original series of works is the collection of Ice-creams by iClim: refined and funny modern sculptures shaped as melting ice-creams, realised in bright and shiny colours.

The ice-creams infuse a sense of joy and fun, and they are realised in various tastes and colours; to stay close to the Christmas theme about 2019 Gift Ideas, we cite Milk & Dark Chocolate, recalling the taste of hot chocolate of cold winter evenings.

Represented upside-down, the melted side creates the base of the sculpture: Milk & Dark Chocolate Ice Cream seems to melt because of Christmas warmth!

Scultura di iclim Milk & Dark Chocolate
Milk & Dark Chocolate - Scultura di Iclim


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