Banksy - The Brussels Show | 25/03 - 22/05 (extended until 12/06)

Deodato Arte Gallery is glad to announce the opening of the exhibition "Banksy. The Brussels Show". A selection of works by the street artist Banksy will be on display to the public from March 25 to May 22, inaugurating the new Brussels venue of Deodato Arte Gallery.

Due to the success of the exhibition and the high number of requests, the exhibition "Banksy. The Brussels Show" has been extended until June 12, 2021.

In a path across all the most important stages of the rise of the artist, the exhibition highlights the traits that most characterize the art of the most discussed and appreciated street artist of all time. Irony and provocation are key features of Banksy's works: with Donuts, No ball games, Trolleys, Toxic Mary and many other works, it will be possible to understand Banksy's thought and poetics through his most iconic subjects, highlighting the political commitment and the harsh social criticism typical of his works.

The exhibition also introduces a dialogue between Banksy and two other artists: Blek le Rat and Mr. Brainwash. Blek le Rat is considered the “father of Stencil Graffiti”, as well as one of the pioneers of street art itself. He is one of the artists who has most inspired Banksy, both in technique (the use of stencil, in fact) and in the rat, the distinctive subject of Blek le Rat taken in more than one work of Banksy. Mr. Brainwash, on the other hand, is the "son" of the street artist from Bristol: of French origin, but Los Angeles based, Mr. Brainwash is the protagonist of the documentary directed by Banksy Exit Through the Gift Shop. From that moment he began his career as a street artist with works full of joy and positivity in a spiral of references to the world of Pop and Street Art.

All Banksy's works on display are original and Pest Control certified. We remind that the exhibition is not authorized by Banksy, who never gives permission to exhibitions and events dedicated to him organized by others.

To make an appointment to visit the exhibition call +32 02 808 74 43 or book on the website of our Brussels venue.