BANKSY: new arrivals and a huge exhibition in Rome
Unstoppable, but above all elusive,
Banksy is undoubtedly the artist of the moment.
Its rise continues unabated and its approval increases both at auction and among the public. 

Through his Instagram profile, currently the only official channel, he shares his work and attracts the attention of millions of people in a few seconds. All this, managing to remain in complete anonymity. 

If you think you missed something, read on...

"Like so many successful people in the art world ... I bought a boat"
With these provocative words, Banksy presented his latest humanitarian project to the world. The street artist has chosen to finance a boat to save refugees in the Mediterranean. 
The ship, entirely decorated with her graffiti, is led by a woman, Pia Klemp, and was named Louise Michel in honor of a 19th century French anarchist. 
The whole world is talking about it, while the NGO has already brought several refugees to safety.

Do you want to admire Banksy's works live?

Then you can't miss the "Banksy. A visual protest" exhibition at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome from 8 September 2020 to 11 April 2021.
Over 90 works on display, many of which come from the private collections of our collectors!From Love is in the Air to Girl with Balloon, from Queen Vic to Napalm, from Toxic Mary to HMV: a series of truly unmissable masterpieces!

If you are thinking of adding a Banksy artwork to your collection, but you don't know where to start, come and visit us in the gallery.
Ours is one of the most important collections in Europe and all our works are certified by Pest Control (the only organ recognized by Banksy)!

Here are the new arrivals in the gallery:

Choose Your Weapon
Limited edition - Signed in original
Pest Control Certified

Very Little Helps
Limited edition - Signed in original
Pest Control Certified

Pulp Fiction
Limited edition - Signed in original
Pest Control Certified

"I don't know why people are so excited about showing the details of private life: invisibility is a superpower."
- Banksy