A Hero Never Dies: new collection by José Molina
Are you ready to discover the new artistic project of José Molina?

" A Hero Never Dies"

David Superman - opera di Josè molina in vendita presso la Galleria Deodato Arte


All hand-made!

The visonary spanish artist amazed us once again with "A hero never dies", in wich he has abandoned the tradizional black and white to put his maestry at the service of colour. 

The new collection, inspired by important icons of culture, politics and art history, reflects of the importance of the image in our memory. Images built traditions and strings but if we take away thier sacred aurea we can take them out of the confort zone and that let us to look at them diffrently.

All the arworks of "
A hero never dies"
are one of a kind original pieces:

- made completely with acrilycs and oils
- made in mixed media (collage, pencils, prints, watercolours..)

The trasposition of reality is that perfect that you'll belive to be watching a photography!
José Molina meets the POP
and we assure you that it's a priceless show!