5 Artworks to Gift at Christmas

Find out 5 Artworks to Gift at Christmas! You will find original gift ideas of modern and contemporary artists like Mr. Brainwash, Britto, Obey, Murakami and Banksy.

Nowadays, choosing a Christmas Gift that is original can be a real challenge, considering that we have access to everything just with one click, to surprise is becoming more and more difficult.

To give an artwork as a present is surely a good way to avoid the obvious and the banal, because, together with the work, you gift the story behind its creation and that of the artist who created it.

Among our Christmas Gift Ideas you will find artworks by great artists like Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Romero Britto, Obey and Takashi Murakami.

Following, 5 perfect Artworks to gift for Christmas and surprise your loved ones with unique pieces.

Christmas Gift Ideas - The Perfect Artworks

For some people to find interesting and original gift ideas for Christmas is truly a challenge.

By giving one of the artworks on sale on our website, the surprise effect is guaranteed; you will be able to choose bright and colorful Pop Art Paintings by modern and contemporary artists.

Our works are unique and exclusive pieces, of great artistic value and they would certainly be appreciated Christmas gift.

Among the artworks we would like to propose to you are Mr. Brainwash Mixed Wall, Alive by Romero Britto, Rose Girl by Obey, Takashi Murakami River and Welcome to Hell by Banksy.

Alternatively, you could also surprise your dear ones with our Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas - 6 Modern and Contemporary Sculptures to Gift.

Banksy - Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell by Banksy is a screen print on paper realised in 2004 by the British writer, and it is part of a trilogy titled Placard Rat, signed in original by the artist.

In this Poster Banksy represents a mouse that holds up a sign with the writing:"WELCOME TO HELL".

Rats are often used by the artist in his works, in fact, there are also other versions where on the sign is written: "GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN" or "BECAUSE I'M WORTHLESS".

For Welcome to Hell and the other Banksy Artworks of the trilogy Placard Rat, the artist took inspiration from the book "Get Out While you Can: Escape the Rat Race" by George Marshall.

This image from 2004 exists in an edition of 250, of which 75 signed in original by Banksy and 175 unsigned.

Who would not like to receive a Banksy for Christmas? The mysterious writer who keeps astonishing the public with his surprising works would be a great gift idea.

Banksy - ' Welcome To Hell' (Placard Rat Series) - Signed - 2004
Artwork by Banksy - Welcome to Hell

Mr. Brainwash - Mixed Wall

In the Artwork Mixed Wall by Mr. Brainwash are represented two of his favourite characters, the monkey with the spray can and Einstein holding the sign saying:"LOVE IS THE ANSWER".

Between these two elements there is a big pink heart, symbolising love and positivity.

Creating a background in Street Art style Mr Brainwash realises a strong image, matching different techniques like painting, spray, collage.

Thanks to the combination of different styles, the writer gives birth to a brilliant work that recalls the way of working of great artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Banksy.

Mixed Wall - unique artwork by Mr Brainwash
Artwork by Mr Brainwash - Mixed Wall

On the background appear some of the big American Icons symbol of consumism, very much present in the works of the three Pop Artists.

Mixed Wall by Mr. Brainwash is a unique work on paper, framed with museum-quality glass and provided with certificate of authenticity.

This unique piece by Mr. Brainwash would be the perfect gift for Christmas, to surprise with an original contemporary artwork.

Romero Britto - Alive - Red

In the Artwork Alive Romero Britto portrays hearts, symbol par exellence of love, often represented in his works revisited with lively and colourful patterns.

This artist makes of love is primary source of inspiration for many of his works, and he is famous for the personal style where he combines Cubism, Pop Art and Graffiti, using vivid and bright colours.

In Romero Britto Alive Red, the hearts are the main characters of the painting and they are filled with different shades of colours and patterns, interwined among them on a contrasting white background.

On top of the bigger hearts are overlapped red smaller ones on the foreground, together with silver stars and golden dots.

The red hearts and silver strars are enriched with glitters, making the artwork even brighter.

For Romero Britto, Paintings and scultpures are a way to convey his vision of the world through simple images and vivid colours that instill happiness.

Alive RED - Unique artwork by Romero Britto
Artwork Alive Red by Romero Britto

The artwork by Romero Britto Alive Red is an important gift idea - being this large-scale canvas is a unique piece with a remarkable artistic value.

Obey - Rose Girl

Rose Girl by Obey ( Shepard Farey) is a unique work realised in 2008 on paper and signed in original by the American artist.

The subject of the print is a girl with Asian features embellished with roses on her clothes and headgear.

Obey artwork Rose Girl symbolises the peace and armony between humankind and nature and, in fact, the artist has recently used this figure in a mural dedicated to the city of Grenoble during the Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpes, as a reminder for environmental committment.

With his Immages Obey describes the reality that surrounds us through a critical lens, and talks about daily themes creating very strong artworks.

Rose Girl is among the perfect Obey paintings to give for Christmas, a really significant unique piece that will leave a great impression and is apt for people of every age.

Rose Girl - Unique Artwork by Obey
Artwork by Obey - Rose Girl

Takashi Murakami - River

The Artwork by Takashi Murakami River is a digital screen print in limited edition where the artist represents flowers, combining Japanese traditional art with Pop Art and Superflat style.

At a closer look, we can see the the apparently traditional-style flowers are actually the typical daisies that the artist uses very often in his works, with a colourful river on the background.

In the screen print River by Murakami Pop Art and Superflat blend, giving form to an artwork characterised by digital images and pencil sketches that merge tradition and innovation.

The bright colours of the flowers contrast with the flat background, moving to the background the feature of the traditional artistic style.

Thanks to Takashi Murakami, you will be able to give for Christmas original and evocative Artworks, purchaising exclusive works by the Japanese artist.

Kōrin: Stellar River in the Heavens (Blue)
Artwork by Murakami
Kōrin: Stellar River in the Heavens (Blue)

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