Iridescent Obsessions

solo exhibition of the Japanese artist Tomoko Nagao

curated by Christian Gangitano and Paolo Campiglio

from September 26th to September 28th 2018

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Iridescent Obsessions focuses on the spectacular and unpublished production of the Japanese artist that from years contaminates the great occidental art with the myths of the manga culture according to the micro-pop tendency.

The new series of the Flowers has been inspired by the still-life of the great Flemish painter, Jan Brueghel, characterized by particular and almost obsessive reproduction of the reality. A crystallized nature, eternal, so perfect to seem fake.
The time suspended of the occidental culture that meets with the oriental one: in the Japanese artistic tradition the flowers represent the absolute ideal of short-lived and ephemeral beauty

Isn't this the exact paradox of our contemporaneousness?
Smartphone, mass consumption, big brands of fashion insert in these unusual compositions, symbol of the vanitas that pervades the present, made of perfect but deprived of meaning images, so beautiful but destined to be soon forgotten.

Tomoko, through the vectorial technique, magistrally succeeds in uniting the occidental culture with the oriental one, with works that tell us the eternal and difficult coexistence between life and death.