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Large Artworks - Wall by Mr Brainwash for Sale online with Prices and Value. Discover the Mr Brainwash Wall Street Art on Sale on Deodato.co.uk

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Street Art - Mr. Brainwash: Wall

One of the most brilliant productions of Mr. Brainwash's features in his Walls.

These artworks are very complex to create: the artist uses unconventional supports, such as metal rolling shutters, road signs and wooden fences.

Never before has Mr. Brainwash used materials typically associated with the concept of "street" and "public", which is why the Wall is considered to be the highest expression of street art.

Inspired by other street artists, who use walls as support, Mr. Brainwash appropriates common objects that can be easily found in the cities turning them into artworks.

As for his other artworks, Mr. Brainwash uses a mixed technique for his Walls.

The main subjects such as Einstein, Chimpanzees and Charlie Chaplin are created with a stencil.

The artist then intervenes directly on the supports with color sketches and writings, including Mr. Brainwash's famous motto Life is Beautiful.

Each Wall creation is a unique piece.

Homage to Banksy - Mr. Brainwash and the Balloon Girl (Wall)

One of the most appreciated subjects of Mr. Brainwash's artworks is surely the Balloon Girl, clearly an homage to Banksy.

The artist proposes this artwork on various supports including the Wall. The Balloon Girl is a clear reference to one of the most famous and controversial street artists in the world: Banksy.

To celebrate the genius of Banksy, Mr. Brainwash represents the famous little girl holding out her arm to a heart-shaped balloon flying away.

Often associated with a tender image, the Balloon Girl actually presents a much deeper message: it is in fact the symbol of a stolen childhood that "flies away" like a balloon pushed by the wind; for this reason the girl's face and bearing as she watches her balloon move away are melancholy.

Smile (Wall)

Another recurring subject in the artworks of Mr. Brainwash is the child with the camera entitled Smile.

The figure of this child was specially created by Mr. Brainwash with the intention of representing himself as a child and his great passion: the image.

Thierry Guetta has always been attracted by images. As a matter of fact, before becoming an artist, Mr. Brainwash was a video maker

. It was only after getting to know the art of Banksy and his cousin, Space Invader, that he embraced his own style, thus decreeing the birth of the figure of Mr. Brainwashas an artist.

Peek a Boo (Wall) - A New Subject

Peek a Boo is one of the last subjects made by Mr. Brainwash.

It is a child and his dog who, hidden behind a wall, looking from two small slits what is beyond.

In this artwork Mr. Brainwash inserts one of his typical positive and joyful messages: the two protagonists, united by an evident deep relationship, are represented while playing hide and seek, a game that evokes memories of childhood.

Above, hovers the word Imagine, which recall childhood and imagination.

By looking more carefully at the artwork, we see that the image is charged with a deeper meaning: the two protagonists, still young, look forward to their future, eager to know what expects them.

Work Well Together (Wall)

In this artwork Work Well Together Mr. Brainwash takes up again the theme of childhood and lightheartedness.

A boy and a girl are depicted from behind, sitting on a bench, admiring the wall full of colors and writings.

The theme of Love is evident, the common thread of all Mr. Brainwash's artistic production, enclosed in the tender embrace that the two protagonists exchange.

At a further glance, the title Work Well Together also makes sense. It seems, in fact that it was the two children who created the work itself and that, satisfied with theirs, they stopped to admire it.

It looks like the characters and the Street Artartwork are interacting, making the two children active parts of the artwork itself.

Artworks by Mr. Brainwash Wall: Value

The artworks of Mr. Brainwash Wall, as well as the Neons, are among the most valued both in terms of price and increase in value over time due to the following reasons:

  • - The wide variety of materials used by the artist.
  • - The complexity of working on unconventional supports.
  • - These artworks tends to be medium or large size.

All the Mr. Brainwash’s Wall bear the signature of the artist and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. To get the values of the artworks go into the individual products on the site or write to us to get the complete list with the artworks available and their prices.