Beloved Earth

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Molina – A Collection dedicated to Nature: BELOVED EARTH

In this section are presented the new works that José Molina dedicates to Nature and to the Earth.

The Spanish artist takes inspiration and uses the wonders of the world to manifest a reality that is hidden and, often, forgotten.

The idea comes from the study, with a microscope, of plants' cells, which are used to compose the bodies of the young women protagonists of the new artworks.

Cells are miniscule organisms imperceptible to the naked eye, whose presence is often forgotten because invisible, but which constitute our origins, the "bricks of life" whitout which we wouldn't be who and what we are.

The magnificence of thise cells is the prelude to the exhibited beauty of nature in all its forms.

The technique – Beloved Earth

The peculiar ability, which characterises the Spanish artist Molina, enables him to understand the reality that is hidden behind what is visible.

In the series Beloved Earth, Molina does not use just one artistic technique but, rather, he tries to associate to each subject the technique that can better express what he is representing.

The oil on panel, for example, “posseses a new voice, a nocturnal and vibrant brightness made of luminescent tones.” (A. Redaelli).

The female figures seem to emerge from the backgrouds, which are dark or made with complementary colours, allowing therefore the light to expand also beyond the artwork.

In relation to the grease pencil, the monochrome tone of the black and white has the power to make the subjects realistic and expressive.

The shades envelope the outlines of the figures, making them hefty without totally erasing the lines.

The use of this tecnique allows to artist to give more volume to the figures, making them sinuous and seductive.

Enclosing Beloved Earth - Frames

An inspiration, that of the artist, which combines the feeling of formal balance without rethoric, with an innovative push that gives a three-dimensional sense that is tactile, visual and emotional.

(M. Casile) Molina is used to associate his works not only with texts and refelctions, but he takes care also of creating frames that enhance the messages he wants to convey with his works.

Some of his works of the Beloved Earth series get more value thanks to simple and curious frames , shaped by a delicate correspondence of curves and geometric elements.