Simone Perotti

Simone Perotti (Frascati, 1965) is an artist and a writer with a big passion for sailing. He achieves the success with the book Adesso Basta,(enough!) an assay of downshifting where he explains how he has changed his life. Perotti was a succesfully manager and decides to leave his career for a simplier and freer life style.
In 2011 he publishes another book, Avanti tutta,(Full speed ahead) where he analyses the pros and cons of changing life.
Other books he has writen are:
Uomini Senza Vento (2010) (Men without wind)
L’Estate del Disincanto (The summer of disenchantment)
Stojan Decu L’Altro Uomo (Stojan Decu, the other man)
Zenzero e Nuvole (Ginger and clouds)
Ufficio di Scollocamento (2012) (Hiring hall) Vele (Sails)
L’Equilibrio della Farfalla (The balance of the butterfly)