Roberto Sironi


Multifaceted artist, showman, songwriter, painter, theater director and blogger, Roberto Sironi was defined by European presses a "Gentilhomme italien".The artist has recorded nine Albums and a long series of tours in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and England where he competed with Ennio Morricone at the Festival "Only Connect" at the Barbican Centre in London. Since 2004 Roberto Sironi has competed in painting. Sironi has had immediate acclaim for his oriental themes and for his depictions of bicycles. His artistic works are defined "estate movements".

In 2015, will releas  the book written by  Roberto Sironi "LA MACCHINA DEL TEMPO NON HA IL MOTORE!" with Cavinato Editore International

In 2014 is released with  Cavinato Editore International his essay “SHI & ATSU - METODO DI MANIPOLAZIONE LETTERARIA ALLA RICERCA DI UN RIEQUILIBRIO UMORISTICO!”

In 2013, Roberto Sironi took part in "Fà la cosa giustà", critical consumption fair and sustainable lifestyles with "WEST BIKE STORY", play "on two wheels" of which he is the author and director and with the painting exhibition "ARTE SU DUE RUOTE" ("ART ON TWOO WHEELS" ) dedicated to cycling universe and sustainable mobility.

In 2011, in collaboration with other artists, Roberto Sironi created the Cultural Association "UN ARTISTA IN BICICLETTA - CULTURA MOBILE & ARTI SOSTENIBILI” ("AN ARTIST BY BIKE - MOBILE CULTURE & SUSTAINABLE ARTS")



PREMIO DINO GABIAZZI for his contribution to the milanese culture (2010) 

PREMIO LUNEZIA DOC for musical and literary quality of his songs (2009)

PREMIO DEL MEGLIOR TESTO al Festival ID&M ( Culture and Music of the Territories)


During the "CANNES INTERNATONAL FILM FESTIVAL", le Studio 13 di Cannes (Francia) hosted an exhibition of paintings by Roberto Sironi entitled “CINEMATOGRAFO DA TASCHINO” which will exposed two hundred and fifty works by the artist dedicated to cinema.