Pop Upgrade


The project Pop-Upgrade able to put in scene the last artistic tendencies of the visionary Pop art and to realize multiples and series of works individualized ad hoc, fruit of the fancy of the best mole-pop artists. Serial but Special, the multiples as pop artwork accessible and diffused.

The pop art, as it is known, is an artistic tide of the second halves of the XX century, purely of western mold, bearer of tied up contents strongly to different phases of the epoch of the industrialization, of the consumption of mass and then of the globalization. It becomes a form of very diffused art and immediately recognizable from the masses, from the People, characteristics that deserve the name of Pop art. Teacher of the pop art, universally recognized, was Andy Warhol: the work of art becomes seriale from unique object to product or brand.

After Warhol, the scene of the Pop-Art has continued to evolve till to today.

In this section Pop-Upgrade we introduce PAO, Felipe Cardena, Massimo Giacon and Matteo Guarnaccia that, even though different among them, they use the languages typical of Pop-art: garish colors and characters of the imaginary popular that give new life to the tradition of Warhol.