Sensorial Breakdown

In the series by Manuela Manes Scomposizioni Sensoriali (Sensorial Breakdown) the artist assigns colours and shapes to sensations.

Her works address the emotional sphere of the viewer and communicate unfiltered pure impressions on canvas.

Scomposizioni Sensoriali (Sensorial Breakdown) is a series of works by Manuela Manes presented for the exhibition "Pelagos", held at the Deodato Arte gallery in 2012. It is dedicated to the theme of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea to escape poverty and war.

In these works the artist aims to provide a colour and a shape to feelings. She creates a game of sensory decompositions to communicate pure impressions, speaking directly with the emotional sphere of the viewer, without the mediation of reason.

Thus Manuela Manes approaches music and her canvases become true melodies.