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Screenprint by Banksy, Donuts is a sharp parody of the American police system. Made in the Strawberry and Chocolate version, both the works are provided with Pest Control Authentication Certificate.

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Donuts by Banksy: Donuts Strawberry and Donuts Chocolate

Banksy’s Donuts Strawberry and Donuts Chocolate represent a pungent parody of the lazy and inefficient American police system, tied to their comfort guaranteed by the American government.

In 2009, Krispy Kreme – an American chain of donuts and cafeterias – closed 299 stores due to financial problems.

Banksy has a flash of inspiration, so the famous street artist creates 598 exemplars of Donuts, featuring 299 Strawberry Donuts and 299 Chocolate Donuts.

The only difference between the two versions is the use of colors.

Both serigraphs are in black and white, except for the lights of the policemen’s motorcycles (yellow, red and blue) and the color of the icing of the two donuts.

Chocolate Donut has sugar sprinkles while Strawberry Donut has a pink strawberry icing and rainbow sprinkles.

Due to the rainbow sprinkles, which are slightly more complex to create on the screen print, Donut Strawberry has a higher price compared to Donut Chocolate.

Banksy’s Criticism towards American Capitalism and Militarism

Banksy’s Donuts is a criticism towards the American Capitalism and Militarism.

Also, his serigraphs are a pungent satire about the corrupt American military system.

The famous street artist makes fun of the archetypal lazy cop, who prefers to stay at his desk, drinking coffee, eating a donut, cozily waiting for the end of his shift, rather than intervening in the streets, where the real work is.

Through the presentation of a ridiculous scene, where a convoy of policemen with is escorting a truck with a giant Donut, Banksy ironically points his finger at law enforcement agencies who care for their most beloved interests: donuts.

Preserving the security of citizens - which is the actual task of the Police- is not even remotely touched upon in Banksy's serigraph.

Therefore, the donut becomes a symbol of American capitalism, denouncing the enormous and almost impossible proportions of its priority within both society and the system itself.